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Key dates in the Horizon Timeline.

  • Started out as Seabrooke and Associates in 1972

  • Became S&A Geophysical in 1973 (Primary owner English China Clays)

  • Became Horizon Exploration. Official Transfer of name 1st August 1979 (Primary owner English China Clays)

  • National Coal Board pension fund acquired a stake around 1982

  • Became Simon-Horizon around 1989 (Simon Engineering)

  • Became Simon Petroleum Technology in 1991 (Simon Engineering)

  • Takeover of Teledyne Exploration in 1992

  • Became Horizon Exploration in 1993 (Following Management buy out of marine acquisition business)

  • 3rd July 1996 Seitel acquires a 50% equity interest in Energy Research International. Energy Research International wholly owns 2 marine seismic companies, Horizon Exploration Limited and Horizon Seismic Inc USA

  • Became part of Eagle Geophysical in 1997

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